Getting Ready for Winter

The Fessenden School–November 16, 2011 The Fessy boys are enjoying the unseasonably warm temperatures for this time of year. They have found plenty of activities and amusement outside and around campus. However, the N.A.P trips are starting to take on their annual holiday theme. This most recent weekend the boys were happy to enjoy a three-day break as Friday was Parent Teacher Conferences. The Fessenden boarding community was in full motion from Friday morning on through Sunday night. Mrs. E, ever the contrarian, bucked the holiday theme and invited a group of Fessy boys to the indoor water park, Cocoa Key. The water soaked all-day adventure was a huge hit.

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For the Fessy boys who were gearing up for the holiday season Ms. Westman offered a trip to the Freeport Outlets, in Freeport, Maine. Ms. Westman’s bargain hunting crew had the entire day to enjoy L.L. Bean and the many new stores and renovated outlets Freeport has to offer. During the same weekend Ms. Westman found the time to

 bring a lucky group of Fessy boys to the Tazo Chocolate factory for a tour. The sweets did not stop there, Ms. Printzlau offered an apartment evening where the boys relaxed and learned how to make Apple Crisp. Not to be outdone, Mr. Fawcett offered a Fessy favorite, Go-Karting.











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